Preparing 4 Launch

Getting a website up and running can seem overwhelming and we understand that. That’s why we want to prepare you to ensure we can do it right and cost effective the first time. The information below will briefly explain how you and your company can get started prior to engaging our services so once you decide to move forward we can get your site up and running in very little time.

It is very important to us that the site is yours. It must have the feel you envisioned and the navigation you were expecting. There are some very basic tasks you should have near completed  in order to get started;

  1. Layout – We encourage you to have example websites that you have previously explored and enjoy for us to reference for design. This will give us a good idea of how we should design your site and get it right the first time. Another good practice would be to actually draw your website out, use graphic boxes and text fields and lay them out on paper where you would like to see them on your website.
  2. Content – It is very important to have your websites content ready. Think of page headings you want to see (such as; Home, About Us, Service/Products, Contact etc) and have those pages typed. It is very important your content be original. Google and other search engines do not like material that has been taken from other websites. They tend to penalize you and make it more difficult to get your website ranking higher. We will be happy to proofread your content to ensure it is SEO friendly and works together with the internet.
  3. Media – Have high quality pictures, videos, pamphlets and any other media you would like include ready to go on a disk or jump stick. We will do what we need to on our end to make them work with your website.
  4. Keywords – Try to have a list ready of keywords and phrases of what you think people use to find your website through search engines like Google. We will do our best to fill in the blanks but you know your market and competition better then us. The input you give us will be the reason your website is that much more successful. If you have any question about this, please contacts us and we can fill you in on what you need to know.

Basically, the more you have done and ready to be entered into the website the faster, more effective your site will be.

** please note, extra charges may occur if we have to write content and develop media as it is not part of the Basic or Advanced web package.

Basic Web Package

Our Basic web package is meant for the customers that are looking for web presence. All of our packages will have natural SEO data built in but do not actively force ranking position like our other packages. This package includes domain registration (non-refundable), hosting (non-refundable), up to 10 email accounts, Google address listing and up to 5 pages of web exposure. Built into this pricing includes basic media work to ensure the look of your website is professional as well as all of the basic back end administration to give you access to email accounts and password resets.

Advanced Web Packages

This package includes everything in the basic package but up to 10 pages of web exposure as well as 3 proofs of logo design.

Custom Web Package

If your website falls outside of the basic or advance web packages or you are looking to do more with your site such as e-commerce, large product listings or any other custom work which includes logo design, professional picture taking and media development please contact us for a more accurate price.

Generally speaking for sites that involve this type of custom work one or more of the following applies:

  •        Sites with plus 10 pages
  •        Large number of products or services
  •        Large level of analytic support and monthly reporting
  •        Large level of changing site information and updates
  •        Media/content writing
  •        SEO services

Don’t worry, no site will start or go outside of your budget. We will work with you to stay inside your range to ensure your satisfaction. If at any point we forecast that the work involved will move outside the agreed upon range we will notify you and have a plan already in place. That is our promise to you.